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School kids in gymnastics bridges, as the coach oversees them

For Ages: Suitable for all school children, no matter their age.

The classes are based on developing the fundamental movement patterns which are essential for any other sports or activities that the children might take up in the future. Gymnastics is a great way to challenge all children to persevere and achieve new skills which form the building blocks for more complex skills in all sports and life.

$125 per hour, includes Impact’s coach and the first 8 students.
$4.00 per student, per hour thereafter

Class Structure:
Warm Up
The group will play a 10 min game to warm up and then move on to gymnastics stretches and shapes which they ill use during the session.

They will be split into smaller groups (10 max) and each group will rotate around the different apparatus for the session (Floor, beam, bar, tramp, foam pit, vault, rhythmic)

To Finish
The children do a short warm down and stretch to finish.

Class Days/Times:
Max 30 individuals 
Mondays:  1pm - 2pm
Tuesdays: 11am - 12pm
Wednesdays: 11am - 12pm
Thursdays 9am -10pm 

To Book:
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