Preschool Gym


Pre-School Gymnastics 

Gym Tots (Confident Walking - 3years)

Tuesday 10.30-11.15am ($100 - 10 week Terms)

Wednesday 10.30-11.15  ($100 per 10 week term )

Saturday 9.30-10.15am ($100 - 10 week Terms)

(These classes are open to plunkett voucher holders)

Caregiver participation

This 45 minute class gives children the opportunity to explore the gymnastics environment. The session will start with movement to music and a basic gymnastics stretch sequence. Children will then have free time to choose the gymnastics activities that grab their attention. Obstacle courses are set up in the gym to encourage climbing, crawling, jumping and swinging. The class is a great opportunity to develop basic motor patterns and social skills.

Gym Tots Independant (4 - 5 years) REGISTER:

Tuesday 3.30-4.30  (term fee of $150 per 10 week term)

Coach lead only (no parents on the floor)

This 60 minute class is for 4-5 year olds who are ready for independant classes at gymnastics. The class begins with movement to music and a basic gymnastics stretch routine. Children will then complete gymnastics circuits with activities developing key gymnastics body shapes and fundamental movement patterns. Social development is just as important as children learn to listen to directions, follow simple instructions, take turns and interact with their peers. The children are exposed to a variety of gymnastics stations developing vision, landings & spring, balance, rotation, swing, manipulative play, spatial awareness, and imaginative play. The class ends with a warm down game or gymnastics activity.