Date Posted
16th Jul 2018

Midlands Champs 2018

What a fantastic competition we have had this year winning in the following: 

Step 5 - Madison Brick
Step 7 - Molly Matthews Unders
Step 7 - Madeline Ramsey Overs
Step 8 - Brooke Tomaszeski

Step 5 - Second Team
Step 7 - First & Second Team

Well done to everyone.  An amazing effort, all of the hard work both from the gymnasts and the coaches shines through with these results.

Kaley Rawson narrowly missing out on Step 6 Midlands Champ with a second place fabulous effort Kaley.

To all of the squad who all had personal bests on the day, well done to all of you, we are all so very proud.

Step 5 Midlands Champ